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Domain Control Panel

When you register a Domain Name with us we provide you with a Domain Management Control Panel which gives you complete control over your Domain, allowing access to a range of services which are included free with your account.

You will be able to make changes at any time without any restriction and at no extra cost.

Please note that some changes are irrevocable, so please use with caution.


Manage DNS - This gives access to the DNS (Domain Name Server) records. It is important that you understand the effect of DNS changes before you make them, as wrong settings made here can stop your web services and email from working. Care must be taken with changing any of these settings, and is recommended for advanced users only.

Domain Contacts - This allows you to view and update the contact details for your domain name. Any changes made here are forwarded to the Domain Registry to update the records kept there.

WHOIS - Performs a whois lookup of your domain from the registry and displays the results. This information is publicly available. If the registrant of the domain name is an individual (uk domains only), they have the right to opt-out of the WHOIS database, The registrant name will still appear, but their contact details will be hidden. There is no charge for this service.

Nameservers - Manage the nameservers of a domain. If you need to change the nameservers for a domain, you can do so from here. You might want to do this if for example your website is hosted elsewhere. You must use valid nameserver addresses for this to work.

Domain Privacy - Domain Privacy is a feature which allows you to keep your contact details private when you register a domain.

DNSSEC Protection - works by digitally signing records for DNS lookup using public-key cryptography. This ensures the DNS records returned for your domain are those set on our nameservers. We automatically sign the domain zone and submit the records to the registry.

Domain Forwarding - will point your domain to another web address, using a Redirect. For example you could forward your domain name to some free web space you have with another service provider.

Renew Domain - You can renew your domain in advance of the expiry date, and for up to 9 years. You can also set the auto-renewal period. If no longer required, the domain be set to cancel on the renewal date. This means that the domain will stop working, and all associated services will be deleted, including website, email, and files.

Transfer Away - If you need to transfer your domain name to another registrar, you will be able to do so from here. For UK domains you only need to change the Nominet Tag, often referred to as an IPS tag. Please note - Tag change requests are actioned immediately via our automated system and we are unable to undo them.

For non-UK domains there is a different procedure. Once the domain is unlocked, you can get an authorisation code that is required to complete your transfer to a new registrar.

Add Hosting Package - If your domain name does not have a Hosting Package, it can be added from here.


If you have any email accounts attached to your Domain, you will be able to access them from the email control panel

Email Accounts - Create, edit and manage your mailboxes.

Email Forwarding - This allows you to forward any email address@your_domain to any other email address you choose, for example a hotmail or address. You can forward one address to up to ten different addresses.

Catch-All Email - Catch-All/Wildcard forwarding will automatically forward any e-mail sent to an email address that does not exist at your domain to another email address of your choosing.

Autoresponders - Autoresponders are used to automatically reply to anyone who sends an email to the address they're configured against.

Send-only Addresses - Send-Only accounts are able to send but cannot receive email. They are perfect for no-reply mailboxes or smart hosts in small offices. Any emails sent to a send only email account will be rejected.

Receive-only Addresses - Receive Only Email Accounts can receive but are unable to send email. They can be used for message archives or CC mailboxes when you know you will never need to be able to send email from an address.

Junk Mail Filters - Junk mail filtering strips out any messages containing spam or viruses before you receive it and is enabled by default on all mailboxes we host. Messages containing a virus are automatically rejected and messages classified as spam will be placed into the 'Junk' folder for that mailbox.

You can access your Domain Control Panel by logging in to your account and selecting Domains in the Manage Services section and then selecting the Manage link.

Or if already logged in from this link:  Manage Domains


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